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Hello I’m Paul from Binary Options in Review, and I Just thought I would take a minute to tell you what all this craziness is about and where it came from.
About 14 /15 years ago I watched a film called the Boiler room and I was blown away by the whole idea of earning huge amounts of money and driving Ferrari’s but it was always like a dream in the back of my mind, as I had no idea how it worked or how to get involved and I suppose I thought it only happened in the New York Stock Exchange or something like that.
I love films like Wall Street and the Boiler room, where there is a lot of excitement and young people are making big money fast, working hard and playing harder, enjoying life. Then one day years later I heard about Option XE so I got in touch with them they invited me over and I got involved with them, They taught me about Binary Options Trading a quicker safer way of trading, Now I really got in to this and I enjoyed it, I started earning a lot of money quickly with Binary Options Trading only then with the knowledge I learned at Option XE I eventually I got the chance to go to the New York Stock exchange and trade.









But as much as I love Binary Options Trading there are two things that always niggled me about the whole industry one was honesty, I got sick of all these products that are thrown together just to earn a quick buck with big promises of a unique system and how there are only so many slots and how lucky you are to be picked they are all blatantly scams. The other thing that used to get to me was why is it all so serious. So I decided to start making honest reviews to help people find out what is genuine and what are scams but with a humorous tongue in cheek twist a sort of Huge Hefner meets Keith Floyd type character with bunny girls and his old friend Helga the mumbling Moose so join me for good honest pissed reviews from the Binary Options Playboy Mansion with myself and Helga here.
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I have been very successful trading with binary options, After seeing how many people are having their hard earned money robbed from them with scam trade options I decided to start doing reviews of the god the bad & the ugly binary options products.
My platform provides readers with trustworthy information about key aspects of Binary Options. My focus is on reviewing the best brokers for Binary Options Trading in order to provide valuable information for future traders on how to choose safe brokers and how to make the biggest profits