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Daweda Exchange Trading Platform Review

Review of: Daweda

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On 23rd January 2017
Last modified:23rd January 2017


Daweda Exchange

daweda review

Hello I’m Paul from Binary Options in Review. this is a review on a new binary options Trading Software called Daweda Exchange. I have been asked to have a look at this by one of my You Tube subscribers. Like I always say if you want me to review anything for you please just add me on Skype @binaryoptionsinreview or send me an email and I can do that for you send it to or if you have any other questions then just leave me an email.

Daweda Exchange

100% Profit

No Broker

Auto Trade Option

Daweda Exchange is a Cysec regulated trading platform where you trade with other traders so peer to peer so there is no Broker involved.  They offer 100% profit on successful trades. All they do it charge 5% on each trade placed and that is how they make their money. The site looks good it looks professional.  There is not anything scammy on the site. There isn’t anything like popups or boxes counting down telling you you have to sign up quickly before you miss out on this life changing opportunity. It just tells you about the platform and what it can offer.

daweda exchange scam review

Auto Trade Feature

On the Daweda Platform there is a auto trade feature that allows you to set the amounts and the volume of trades. Also you can set a cut off point for losing trades.  That way you don’t lose to much money. Also the auto trade feature adds flexibility and frees you up so you don’t have to sit in front of a computer all day trading. It is also compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

daweda exchange review

The Platform allows you to trade on various different Assets Commodities and Indices.  It gives you the chance to trade from as little as $10 per trade.  They provide a chart for each trade with an 1 hour, 4 hour, 1 day or 1 week view. The Daweda Platform is easy to use and as it has no broker you trade against other traders.  So if i place a Call trade and you place a Put trade on the same trade then the one who wins that trade wins the other persons money.

daweda exchange review


In Summary of my Daweda Exchange Review I would say that it looks good, there is nothing scamy about it there are no scammy tell tale signs that we see so often they are transparent that they charge only 5% per trade and that’s how they make there money I think it looks very professional and flexible so you can manually trade and it also gives you the chance to auto trade but you can set it to how you want so it gives you the flexibility without the worry of losing all your money.

daweda exchange review

If you want to check out the Daweda Exchange Trading Platform click the link below.

daweda review

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