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Aurum Tech Scam Review

Review of: Aurum Tech

Reviewed by:
On 28th February 2017
Last modified:28th February 2017


Aurum Tech Scam Review


Hello I’m Paul from Binary Optionsin Review. this is a review on a new binary options software called Aurum Tech. I have been asked to have a look at this by one of my You Tube subscribers. Like I always say if you want me to review anything for you please just add me on Skype @binaryoptionsinreview or send me an email and I can do that for you send it to or if you have any other questions then just leave me an email.

The Website

First impressions on the website, It looks professional but straight away I recognize the the guy who is the CEO there are photos all around the video so I can see him before I watch the video, and I have seen that face on lots of other software sites. There are two Types of scam site, 1 is the cheap type that is knocked up quickly with just text with a cheap voice over and then the second type is a professional scam where they hire cars and mansions with actors and I’m afraid that Aurum Tech is one of the latter. The CEO comes on screen in his mansion and he Introduces himself as Marco Shoemaker.

aurum tech scam

But he is not Marco Shoemaker he is actually a Actor called David Williams who  has been on loads of scam software all where he is the developer or CEO, he is a regular face on scams. Below is his acting resume on his agents website.

aurum tech scam

aurum tech scam

He was also on such classic scams like Mirror Trader and Push Money App. all of them He plays the corny CEO or Developer.

aurum tech scam

But not only that, in the the video you see Mr Shoemaker at his house with his Maserati sports car, but again the house and the car has been used in other scam software videos, so it is obviously made by the same people the same scammers. Below is some screen shots from other scam sites such as Gemini 2, Alive in 5 where the same house and car has been used. notice the stone clad wall and the grey colored slats on the house.

aurum tech scam

Also they are pretending to be in California, they show a close up of his cars number plate and you can clearly see it is a California plate but later on when he is in his Limo at the airport suddenly the Limo has a Oregon Plate so they must have slipped up there and forgot.

aurum tech scam

At this point as well the plane they use has been on other sites as well. It is quite common to use Private jets to make it look like the jet set millionaire lifestyle. notice the colored stripes on the plane in the Aurum Video and also on The Orion Code yet another scam software.

aurum tech scam

The Video goes on to tell you that with this software you could earn fortunes and that it is only available to a select few people and that you have to act fast to get it as all the spaces will be taken, but it is all a lot of rubbish.


In Summary of my Aurum Tech Scam Review I think we can safely label this as a scam as it is covered in scam tact ticks. Although they have gone to the trouble of hiring planes, cars and actors and made it look but at the end of the day it is just another scam.

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