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HFT Finance Scam Review

Review of: hft finance

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On 3rd January 2017
Last modified:3rd January 2017


HFT Finance Scam Review

hft finance scam review

Hello I’m Paul from Binary Options in Review. this is a review on a new binary options software called HFT Finance. I have been asked to have a look at this by one of my You Tube subscribers. Like I always say if you want me to review anything for you please just add me on Skype @binaryoptionsinreview or send me an email and I can do that for you send it to or if you have any other questions then just leave me an email.

The Website

First impressions on the website. The first thing that strikes me is the video, you can see straight away that the guy is standing in front of a green screen.  But we will have a look at the video later. It reads at the top that you will make a guaranteed $ every single month. Again this is scammy as how can they guarantee that.  You never know whats going to happen with the markets and how they change so that seems to be just a gimmick to hook you in.

There is a box either side, one telling you that their are 397 people looking at the site at this moment.  Then the other one is telling you that their are only 20 spaces available.  Now this is to try and create a sense of urgency and make you panic so you think that there are all those people looking at the site but there are only 20 places so you have to sign up quickly before you miss out.  Again typical scam tactics.

As you scroll down there are some photos of people that have used the software and are having good results. I looked in to this and they are fake they are in fact stock images.

hft finance scam reviewSo above is a screen shot of two of the people as you can see it shows the profit they have made and their initial deposit.  But it is all fake below is the real photos they are just model on shutter stock a stock image website.

hft finance scam hft finance scam reviewSo far its not looking good.

The Video

The HFT Finance Video starts with the developer telling you how he and his team have been trading in the New York Stock Exchange. They say they have been doing this for years and it is a established company. But again it is all fake he is just an actor on a green screen and the stock footage behind is not the New York Stock Exchange.  It is in actual fact the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as you can see below they have used the background image the he is in front of a green screen.



A bit later in the video a young man comes on and starts to tell us how much he has made.  As he is talking three young girls come out of his big house and start to wash his car.  It is ridiculous like he is a playboy but again it is all fake. He also is just on a green screen  with a stock video behind.

hft finance scam

As you can see the lighting is different and the wind isn’t affecting his hair its filmed on a green screen.  Below is the real background image on shutterstock of three hot models washing a sports car.

hft finance scam review


In Summary of my HFT Finance Scam Review I would say that this is just another cheap scam. Made to try and get their hands on your hard earned cash. It is covered in typical scam signs. The banners saying that there are only 20 space left with 400 people looking at the site to try and panic you in to signing up. The fake awards and of course the actors on a green screen pretending that they have made fortunes using the software but it is all rubbish it is just another cheap scam.

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