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Leaked Profits Scam Review

Review of: Leaked Profits

Reviewed by:
On 20th January 2017
Last modified:20th January 2017


Leaked Profits

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Hello I’m Paul from Binary Options in Review. This is a review on a new binary options software called Royce Code. I have been asked to have a look at this by one of my You Tube subscribers. Like I always say if you want me to review anything for you please just add me on Skype @binaryoptionsinreview.  Or send me an email and I can do that for you send it to If you have any other questions then just leave me an email.

The Website

First impressions on the website,it looks like any other  software to me . It reads at the top” TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE LEAKAGE 

& MAKE $1250 / A DAY – GUARANTEED” It has the mcafee secure badges that always look a bit dodgy, you have to ask yourself why do they feel the need to put them on there , Why do they feel the need to pretend that the it is all secure, it looks scammy.Then as I scroll down there are some photos of people that have tried the software and had good results but they are all paid actors from I have seen them before on other sites.


The Video

The Leaked Profits Video starts with some dramatic music and it is telling you how this gut who is a Wall St Trader then this guy comes on and tells us that he is called Frank Bishop and that we may have seen his interview on CNBC. So Im had a look on CNBC and typed Frank Bishop in to the search bar and surprise surprise nothing came up it just said “nothing matches your criteria”.


He also proclaim that he published a book called Happy Lucky & Rich but I also googled the book and guess what there was nothing for that either.

Then Just to add more fuel to the Fire Mr Frank Bishop is not the Wall St Trader he proclaims to be he is just another Paid actor from, so the whole thing is just a complete lie.

leaked profits scam review

In Summary to my Leaked Profits Scam Review I would say that this is just another cheap scam.It has all the normal tell tale signs Actors and fake badges and testimonials and fake promises to make you a millionaire and through the video it is all about how much you will earn with the software it doesnt mention how the software works it is all just dangling the carrot

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